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  • Our values

    As passionate enthusiasts of our native Alps, we created Aulp in 2017 with the desire to design clothing suitable for the diverse terrains that nature and the mountains provide.

    Our goal is to create a collection of durable clothing for nature lovers.

    To achieve this, we put our hearts and 30 years of expertise into developing a complete range of clothing and accessories that will enable you to conquer the summits.

    Why Aulp ?

    "Aulp" means high-altitude pasture, and as proud representatives of the Savoyard Alps, it was only natural for us to choose this name, which is often found along hiking trails (where it's not uncommon to come across our chamois!).


    Active by nature

    Whether you're in the mountains, on flat ground, or in the city, Aulp will accompany you on all your adventures.

    Just like the chamois, our clothing, and equipment will empower you to surpass yourself and reach new heights!


    High-performance clothing

    We put our hearts and 30 years of expertise into offering you a complete range of technical clothing suitable for the diverse terrains that the mountains provide. We carefully select high-quality materials that will endure over time, and we take the time to design ergonomic, practical, and aesthetic garments.

    Environmental Commitment

    Respecting the environment

    At Aulp, we are passionate about our native land: the Savoyard Alps. We want to preserve this fragile nature that serves as both our playground and the delicate environment on which our economy relies.

    That is why our goal for 2025 is to design 50% of our collection with a low environmental impact, using recycled, organic, or natural materials.